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What is Musically & TikTok?

It is well known that music is a universal language and is not bound by any barriers. As it is, the world is not limited by any boundaries anymore and the social media platforms are bringing people from across the world together so that they can share their common passions and interests in one virtual world.
Musical.ly is a social media platform, where people can express and share their creativity, using videos and music. They can create music together, share and discover and experiment with new ideas in music in various genres, like singing, dancing, and comedy.

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This platform allows you to get locally famous, and it is not restricted to any age group. Teenagers or older, music enthusiasts cut across the barriers and follow their passion. It uses cutting-edge technology where musers can create musical.ly lip-sync videos and broadcast them, it is being loved by everyone for its cool interface.

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This video-based social app musical.ly has become one of the most popular social platforms in very short time. It combines many of the attributes of looping videos and photo filters and layering on popular music songs creating unlimited fun. The only aspect that brings these millions together, is popular music songs.

A trend unique to Musical.ly is the young age of musers actively participating in creating it. It gives an equal opportunity to people to become famous and to be noticed online, only for their talent. It can not only make you well known but convert you into a major influencer as well.

The app allows the use of hashtags to classify videos and music but does not allow inappropriate words in the tag search, for example, you can’t search for “sex”. So it seems to be a platform for all age groups. It did not succeed immediately when it was launched though it did have a loyal fan following. With many social media platforms in the fray, it had to innovate.The brand and logo compliment each other. The logo reflects the passion and the feeling of a strong bond of community that the members share with each other. The design of the app and the entire platform was recreated around the passion for music and soon it catapulted it to be more successful.


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